Looking for Beta APIs?

The documentation found above is for the production supported APIs, if you’re after information about our early access beta APIs please navigate to https://developer.geoscape.com.au/beta-program

Welcome to the API documentation hub

This hub, is a resource for developers to learn how to get started using the APIs offered by Geoscape.

What are the Geoscape APIs?

  • Predictive AV API
  • Addresses API
  • Buildings API
  • Properties API (coming soon to Beta)
  • Deltas API (In Beta)

Why would you use Geoscape APIs?

Geoscape APIs offer simple convenient access to some of the freshest authoritative national location data that underpinning an ever-expanding range of consumer applications, business processes and solutions and government services.

Our data is derived data from Australia’s federal, state and territory governments and our private sector partners.

How do i get running fast!

If you a developer familiar with python we’re built a few resources to help you get up and running really fast. We have a python example that shows you how you’d make a few simple calls to find a building at a location and see if it has a swimming pool or solar panels.

Link to My First Call

Alternatively, if you’re not as comfortable with Python but you want to understand how these APIs might be useful to your business we have a few plugins for QGIS 3 that use our APIs to visualize what it’s all about.

Link to GitHub Plugins

What is the Beta Program?

If you’re the kind of person that wants to be part of a community and help shape the future of PSMAs developer tools and products we want, you in the Beta Program. The program is designed for us to test new ideas, get feedback from the community and allow developers to create new and existing solutions before everyone else. link to Beta Registration

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